QC for immunoassay analysers

Ensuring accurate and precise analyser performance

Liquid quality control (LQC) materials for the AQT90 FLEX analyser help estimate the precision of test results and detect systematic analytical deviations that may arise from reagent or analyser variation. This helps make sure that test results are accurate and reliable.

Radiometer LQC materials for the AQT90 FLEX analyser are available at two or three levels.

  • Multi-CHECK: Three levels of LQC for Troponin I, CKMB, NT-proBNP and Myoglobin
  • D-dimer-CHECK: Two levels of LQC for D-dimer
  • hCG-CHECK: Two levels of LQC for hCG
  • CRP-CHECK: Two level of LQC for CRP
  • TnT-CHECK: Three levels of LQC for Troponin T

All AQT90 FLEX LQC materials have full barcode data and are ready for use after thawing. The analyser automatically detects the LQC and its level once inserted in the inlet. The software will automatically select the relevant parameters.

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