Radiometer’s rapid action enables continuity of care during the NHS cyber-attack of May 2017

PRESS RELEASE // Radiometer gets Lancashire NHS Foundation Trust’s pathology department back up-and-running in an hour

July 26, 2018

Crawley, UK – In May 2017 a global cyber-attack was endangering patient care in the NHS. Radiometer UK’s quick and unquestioning action ensured that patients within the Lancashire Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust could continue to receive urgent blood gas test results, despite the significant challenges presented by the cyber-attack.

Point-of-care (POC) blood gas analysers and the IT systems that link test results to hospital patient records are essential elements of patient care, particularly in critical care and emergency departments. To ensure the best possible POC blood gas testing across its Royal Preston and Chorley Hospitals, Lancashire Trust had invested in 17 ABL90 FLEX PLUS blood gas analysers from Radiometer.

These were connected to the Trust’s electronic patient record system through Radiometer’s AQURE Enterprise POC data management software so that test data is accurately matched to patient record and delivered to the clinician without delay.

The ability for clinicians to conduct tests within minutes at the bedside informs healthcare decisions and improves patient outcomes. Understanding the possible negative impact on patients, Radiometer immediately swung into action when Robert Bolton, Lead Biomedical Scientist and POC Coordinator for the Pathology Directorate at the Trust contacted them on the morning of the attack.

“Radiometer stepped above and beyond, completely rebuilding the server for our POC blood gas testing analysers,” said Mr. Bolton. “Radiometer had no issues whatsoever. Their IT specialist accessed the system remotely and we were back up and running within one hour. We will be grateful for a long time. Radiometer solved a big problem.”

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