Delivering Effective POCT during Covid-19: Key Learning Outcomes

January 27, 2021

This webinar is hosted by SBK Healthcare and the speaker is Katy Heaney.

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About this webinar

This webinar is hosted by SBK Healthcare and the speaker is Katy Heaney, POCT Speciality Lead, Consultant Biochemist, Berkshire and Surrey Pathology Services and Qpoint EQA Scheme Director, Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust.

The webinar has been designed to engage you in how one Trust responded to the pandemic within their POCT team and inspire you to make effective changes to your service delivery moving forward.

Radiometer, a pioneer in blood gas and acute care testing since 1954 and committed to putting life first in health care, is pleased to sponsor a webinar hosted by SBK Healthcare on this urgent and important subject.

Join this webinar to learn more about

  • The impact of Covid-19 on POCT services
  • How to work proactively to achieve faster results and therefore faster patient care during the pandemic
  • Important guidance to help achieve reliable results during unprecedented times
  • A look into the future: how will POCT services continue to develop post Covid-19?

About the speaker

Katy Heaney has worked in the NHS and its services for 17 years in Clinical Biochemistry and Point of Care Testing (POCT). Her current role is Consultant Speciality lead for POCT for Berkshire and Surrey Pathology Services, the service covers 4 NHS Trusts, with 5 acute medical sites and multiple community services.

In 2020 the BSPS POCT service secured allocation of the one of the new to market rapid tests for SARS-CoV2 and was able to stand up a 24/7 POCT service based in the emergency department at 5 hospital sites. Katy has been one of the device user group drivers and supported the national roll out of the device to multiple NHS sites.

Katy is Director of the dedicated POCT EQA scheme, Qpoint, which provides a range of EQA schemes from its dedicated laboratory in Aldershot. Qpoint became accredited under the 17043 ISO standard Proficiency in 2019 and continues to develop new schemes for the changing POCT landscape including a Multiplex respiratory panel including SARS-CoV2.

Katy believes in the importance of team working in the NHS, beyond the scope of pathology. Having worked in POCT for the large part of her career believes that pathology needs to spend more time “on ground level” understanding the patients pathway and how our work best supports and empowers healthcare professionals and ultimately patients, to provide the highest quality and evidenced based care available.

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